Monday, September 28, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

it has been raining all day, since this morning and everyone knows me and rain does not get along i mean i love it when i don't have to go out in it.. but i still manage to make it to school without getting soaked and made it home just in time before it started raining cats and dogs. Thank God!!! Classes went pretty well today though. i got a 100 % on a quiz i took last wk. and an A on my "Funeral Essay" For my Aging, dying and death class. I also Recieved a 95 on my General Psychology quiz [yay!!!] ;-) I had a math Quiz today lets [pray] i passed that as well. me & math aren't real good friends. but i'm working on it.. I mean i really don't have a choice but to do well. The only person who can keep me grounded is me, myself & i. the months are really flying by so fast it's about to be Oct. Crazy right? it seem like summer was just here yesterday.. I'm praying this semester goes as planned.. I need to go buy a Big Calendar for my room so i can write everything down from my syllabus so i will know when i have exams and papers are due instead of rambling through packets of papers.. being organized is the key! so this wk. i plan on going to buy one I don't know where to go to get one but i'm sure office max, target or the dollar store has them. This wk.end i'm thinking about having a Girls night at my house i miss my Gals. so i was thinking i will invite the ladies over and will just order pizza nad have drinks and Gossip and update each other. it will be good because i miss my Best Friend shauna and haven't seen her in a min. and we all need a lil break to just relax. it beats going out to a club any day to my opinion because i don't do the whole going out thing that much anymore.. i will save that for my 21st Bday in Dec. even then it will be freezing but i will find a way to enjoy my birthday regradless =)


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