Monday, September 21, 2009

save a life..

so my wk.end was pretty decent.. had tons of homework that seemed to be never ending.. friday i went to school and i recieved a txt from HIM later that night asking if we were still on for our movie night i thought we were watching movies on sat. but i told him it doesn't matter its up to him so he ended uo coming to get me at 11 something.. Got to his house a lil while later and met his mom.. she has got to be thee sweetest lady i met in a long time. i met his lil puppie he is too adorable.. and he showed me all these pictures from his childhood it was soooo funny & cute. his mom has 10 brothers and sisters i couldn't believe it i was like "wow". we ended up watching three movies.. Scareface, twilight, and my all time fav. Brown Sugar.. he thought it was crazy because i never seen scareface a day in my life. i mean i know what it was just never watched it and after seeing it and realizing how damn long it was thats procb. why i never wanted to watch it before but over all it was indeed an attention grabber for me.. Twilight was abs. AMAZING..... lol. cant wait for New Moon to come out in nov.. they just earned a new fan because of that movie. I damn near ended up staying the night basically i came home at like 9 something in the am.. it was nice to just stay up all night and watch movies and talk sunday i stayed in the house my mom barbequed and my ti.ti came over and we watched the footabll game The Bills pull it together and Won a Game Finally! i know they not the perfect team by any means but they my team so i will always support them even when they piss me off ;-). sat. i slept my life away because i came in the house at 9am and was running on no sleep the previous night and woke up and did h.w my ti.ti came over and we was sipping on bacardi and watched t.v so it was a mellow night...on different note today i had a convo. with my friend B. he was telling me how he been feeling lately about different situations that i didnt know about.. like for example his father not being there he feel has shaped him and made him have this "fxcked up attitude" and how he has been letting ppl influence his decisions in life so much that thats why a lot of things are messed up so me being the person i am i had to explain to him nothing is perfect but walking around mad because your father wasnt around isn't really going to help you move forward with your life.. like with my situation my father hasn't always been around and we haven't always had the greatest relationship and i believe that will never be perfect but even with all that i never let it break me or make me feel like i can't do something if anything it made me stronger.. thats why you surround yourself with positive people and people you know love & care about you.. Nothing is and will be perfect. he was saying how playing football was his "dream" but that was taken away from him years ago so now he is just a "street superstar" for the rest of his life. and he went on to say no matter what he want he either wont get it or it will be taken away.. so the damamge is done.. so when he said that shxt i was just speechless because i can relate to how he feel but that statement made me feel sad because here is a person i love and care about and when i see someone hurting i naturally hurt with them.. so i told him he made me feel some type of way over that statement and he told me dont feel sad for him because he isn't and if he ever have a kid he will just use his life as guidelines of what not to do to his kids.. and i replied with "no because i care about you so its only right i feel where your coming from. If your hurting so am i. but all you can do is move forward and break the cycle." he shared with me that, that was the nicest most caring thing anyone ever said to him and he explained how he loved me for always being real and it's ppl like me who really listen and tell things how they are and what they NEED to hear not what they WANT to hear. then he said "winter ppl like you are the reason why i'm not mad my life didn't go like i want because i would have never met ppl like you." that shxt hit home for me.... and made me realize the littlest things can change someone's outlook on life and even save someones life by just talking to them and being a friend.. thats why no matter what i'm doing if someone needs advice or anything i will be there in a heartbeat because i never know who i might need to be there for me... the craziest thing i just met him this summer when i was having my lil gatherings at my house every sat. he was TJ friend and one day came over here when we was all chilling and since that day we became mad cool.. it's not a lot of good friends left out in this crazy world so when i do meet em' i make sure i hold on to em'


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