Sunday, October 25, 2009


This wk.end was a Good one for me. Friday i went to school until 1250, ended up taking a nap and got woken up by my twin sissy pooh so we could head to her school for the Haunted House at the fair grounds. i had so much fun i was abs. terrified but it was all fun, laughter and screams. i even fell in the clown haunted house when were almost at the exit two clowns jumped out of no where and i stepped back and ended up slipping and fell on my left knee but i hopped my behind right up and was dying laughing. they damn near scared the shxt out of me.. LOL the scariest house we went to was indeed the last one it was called "The Slaughter House" when they told me the name of it i was like "oh hell naw i'm skipping that one" lol but everybody kept saying if you went in the other four you have to go in this one so i went. i know one thing i can't stand being in the back i need to be in the middle because some of them end up following you i'm not with that shxt at all. lol so everytime i was in the back i threatened my twin that i was NOT going in the other one's in they left me back there [big ass baby right? hell yeah! lol] it was a blast though. so i thank my sissy pooh for inviting me and buying my ticket =) now i want to go to fright world haunted houses with our mom and ti.ti and some of my close friends along with my sis close friends i think that would be pretty cool but being that this wk. our schedule is crazy busy. i doubt that will happen and halloween in sat! this month flew the heck by! last yr. i was a "hippie' for halloween (LOL) this year i don't plan on wearing a costume unless i decide to get one but i doubt it. i think my titi and sis and mom are just going on the chipp stripp. last yr. it was pretty live and it was good to see everybody, ppl i haven't seen in yrs i ran into that day and my close friend was in town from NC so it was nice to see him, even though he pissed me off that day. but it was all fun. so i'm hoping sat. it doesn't rain or anything and it ends up being a pretty decent day. but anywho tomorrow or should i say today being its 12am, i have classes from 9-230 and then at 8pm me and the twin sissy pooh taking the lil bro's to see monday night raw (wrestling) lord knows i'm going to be bored out my mind but i asked them months ago if they wanted to because i knew they liked the B.S so i will just prob. txt all through it lol. but then again we always have fun with our lil guys so it shouldn't be that bad. (crossing fingers). & thursday me and my sissy pooh suppose to volunteer at the mall and give out candy to the lil trick or treaters. i never did this before and neither have see but her school has always done this i believe and she's helping this yr. and i told her i would come along and help as well. but i need to go to bed so i'm going to end this post.. Night!

I hope everyone will have a Great Monday!


  Anonymous (October 26, 2009 at 9:03 AM)

i hope you have fun at the scary house! happy Monday too!

  sheiswinterwest (October 26, 2009 at 5:11 PM)

i had a ball even though i hurt my knee lol!

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