Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have been working & going to school so my life is a lil hectic and busy constantly. i be trying to throw in some fun in between all of that.. i met someone but i'm not getting my hopes up too fast because after last night i have been a lil upset with him. he suppose to have a child who is two months and idk why he waited until last night to tell me when he seen me several times,  we have been going on date, we txt. all day and we on the phone every single day so he could of slipped the fact that he has a child somewhere in there i'm not mad at the fact he has a child by any means most of these guys in this day in age do but i just wish he would of told me sooner because we have been getting really close but yall should of seen my face when he txted me last night and said " yo jazz i really need to tell you something about me that fucking should of been told you." i just replied with "?" and thats when he said he "may" have a child, he's waiting for the results or whatever to come back so when he said that i started thinking about what my mom asked me a few days ago and everything started making since she was asking me if he ever told me had a baby i'm like no he said nothing like that to me... (he works at the hospital on my mothers floor) and she was like her co-worker who didnt even know me and this guy was talking said he showed him a picture of a lil babygirl and said it was his baby she didnt think nothing of it at the time she just thought her co-worker didnt know what the hell he was talking about, all  this was before i found all this stuff out so i have been a lil aggravated about the situation because it's like hes trying to sugar coat the whole thing with me saying "she might be mines" but yet you have a picture of her on your phone.. i just dont like being lied to or mislead so i dont know where this whole thing is even headed now.. he has been calling & txting me all day apologizing and saying he didn't want to tell me because he didn't want to scare me away.... hmmm... so in between hw and studying i have been thinking about this all day.. i talked to my twin about it last night and she was like i understand how you can feel a lil upset about it , but it does show he cares about you because he did tell you and didnt let me find out on my on or later on, i told my mom about it this morning and she was just like "so your not gonna talk to him no-more?" i'm like i'm NOT judging him by him having a child i'm just mad at him not telling me sooner, its like if i had a child i would make sure thats the first thing someone knows about me i guess thats just me... time will tell and we shall see what i will do about this, what do you guys think?... but anyways life is going pretty good just working hard, livin' life and doing what i have to do in order to get to where i need to be..

                                  I hope everyone is doing well. i love you guys....


  LaLa (March 10, 2010 at 2:40 PM)

just follow your instincts and you heart it will never lead you astray, I've missed your posted doll and i'm glad you've been stayin busy, BUSY is a GOOD THING! Just don't forget about us ;)

love you doll

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