Thursday, April 1, 2010

this is my life.

Hello my loves!!! i have been M.I.A from this blog :-( I honestly have been so busy with school & work that i barely even use my computer unless its to post stuff for my internet course or something half the time i'm on FB from my BlackBerry or whatever.. but i miss you guys i just got finished catching up on everyones blog and what not... life has been very interesting and pretty good my way. just livin' like each day is my last. I'm on spring break as of today or should i say as of yesterday..  so i'm happy about that, i need a break from school but i'm still working everyday except for wk.ends but this coming friday i'm off of work for the first time in two months due to good friday =) so i will be spending the day with mom dukes & my titi at the movies & going to happy hr. for some drinks... I'm debating if i'm going to North Carolina  4/30/10 for one of my close friends/brother Graduation, he's graduating from Johnson C. Smith college with a degree in business!!!!! I'm so happy for him!! but the tickets time wasn't working with me all the times said 6:30 am on sunday but i need to leave sunday night to come back to buffalo because i have class that monday which is my math of dosage class and you can only miss 3 days even though i haven't miss any but i prefer to be in class because we only meet on mondays and i just need to be there... so i'm still trying to figure out if i'm going, i want to because i want to see him graduate and plus my best friend manney lives there and i haven't seen him since last june when i went there for his bday & i miss him so much so it will be good if i do go. i just hate the prices goes up when you put the the requested time for the fight in your self it was like $219 with their times but my requested times went up to like $288 i was like wtf.. thats a big jump & i refuse to pay that much for a wk.end  lol. i should of just been purchased my ticket instead of waiting for the last min. but we shall see.. well i hope everyone is doing well!! i love you guys!

                                                               God Bless!


  Anonymous (April 1, 2010 at 10:58 PM)

hope you have fun! i have also been M.I.A too. life has taken it's course, especially when we work and go to school. hopefully you'll be back soon.

love ya!

  sheiswinterwest (April 4, 2010 at 9:46 PM)

thanks love!! i love you more & miss you!

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