Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I feel like i have abandon my blog :(  my mind had just been else where lately.. these months have been flying by something serious i still can't believe it's the middle of april already! where did the time go? everything with me has been pretty good, school is going pretty amazing! being that i only have one class this semester it hasn't been much of a challenge even though it's a math class & anyone who knows me know i hate math! but i'm rolling with the punches & have passed all my test so i guess i'm doing something right.. Graduation is May 18th!!  & my sis graduates May 21 with her masters!!  i'm so proud of her as i call her "my lil teacher", i just can't believe its a month away which sounds so crazy to say, it came too fast! but i'm so ready for it so i can start my journey on to the next degree, i'm just ready to see my life unfold in front of me. i'm in a good place right now in my life & things can only go up from here :-) anywho this wk.end me, my twin & her best friend plan on driving to hersey park for the wk.end since i didn't really do much for my spring break and my twin is currently doing student teaching and next wk. the students have a wk. off so she wants to do something so i guess a lil mini get away will do us all some good. i hope everyone is doing well. i miss you guys. <3


  Anonymous (April 14, 2011 at 11:08 AM)

congratulations on your sister graduating with her masters! that's a big achievement, and i know what you mean about abandoning your blog, life happens :)

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