Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Insomnia is a bxtch..

I haven't been able to get a good nights sleep in forever... Just yesterday i was on the phone from 10pm-7am.. please tell me how that is even possible? lol my mom was like "what the hell do yall even have to talk about that long?" LOL i have no clue how we even pulled that off but when two ppl who can't sleep get into a convo i guess thats the results... after that i went to bed and woke up at 3pm.. Thank God i didn't have class the next day... but I do i have class today at 9am so i should really be sleeping but i can't =/ this is really not good for my body. physically or mentally. i noticed how my sleeping pattern changed right when Jonathan passed away i guess i was thinking so much at night it prevented me from sleeping when i was suppose to be.. like even now i do all my thinking & worrying [if you will] at night time which isn't good... its like all day i blocked stuff out but at night thats when every though and worry comes rushing through my head and when i can't sleep i always txt HIM because i know he does NOT sleep at night lol and he always be like "you really need to be sleep this isn't cool" haha if only it was that easy for me to fall asleep but yesterday our convo turned into us learning more about each other asking random questions talking about our childhood, secrets, old relatitonships, friends... it's crazy how i knew him for about 6 going on 7 yrs. and certain stuff i'm just not learning about him.. he def. the type of person who don't let to many ppl in "his world" but this summer we have gotten pretty close with the get togethers at my house every sat. and barbeques. and he asked me yesterday did i think we would of even end up as close as we are and i said "no" i didn't expect me and him to ever be this close but things seem to happen when you least expect it and he said he greatly appreciate me and what not and the bond we have seem to built over these 3-4 months he's mom keep asking me to come over and meet her lol. everyone that knows me know i don't like meeting ppl mom's it's just something about it that freaks me out hahaha. but i told her i will be over there soon, we talked about me coming over this wk.end she told me we need to have a sleepover i damn near died Lmao she such a sweet lady and i don't even know yet but yeah i guess i'm going over this wk.end if everything works out as planned & watch movies and just chill and meet mom dukes...but anywho today i voted in the primary for Byron Brown and i'm very pleased he won!! [4 more yrs. baby!!!!] I believe he has been doing a wonderful Job as our Mayor so of course he was going to get my vote.. but i must say when i walked into the voting place and seen those lines i was like Damn and they only had one sign in book they usually have two.... but that was just pretty obvious to try to discourage ppl because ppl don't like waiting for anything but i stayed and did my part and apparently other's did their's too!


  Anonymous (September 16, 2009 at 11:54 PM)

aw. that's nice. hopefully TJ is helping you out emotionally with the passing. he sounds like a good guy!

  sheiswinterwest (September 18, 2009 at 11:01 PM)
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  sheiswinterwest (September 18, 2009 at 11:02 PM)

he is Abs. Amazing.. & were just friends as of now i'm happy with no worries.. it's still kind of crazy how we knew each other this long and our bond just became so tight but i needed someone to keep me sane.. and with jon passing he was the one who stayed up with me when i couldnt sleep after all that happened and kept re-assuring me everything would be ok...

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