Tuesday, September 8, 2009

where did summer go...

so i started fall semester on the 2nd.. i can't believe how fast summer came and went.. the weather was crappy though but i did have some fun times with friends and what not.. and have gotten closer with a couple of ppl and of course some friendships came to an end but all in all it was cool. i learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. this summer consited of a lot of gathering at my house on sat. night just relaxing, drinking and playing cards if everyone wasn't over here we was at another friends house. but now that summer is basically over.. back to reality.. college life is back so that means time to stay focused and do what's needed to done. I'm trying to pull atleast a 3.7 this semester but a 4.0 would be even better!! ;-) now that would take some serious dedicating but i know i can do all things through christ. through all the hard work i know it will be worth it when i graduate.. and head to nursing school after i get out this community college.. i still can't believe i didnt just do that in the first place.. i was too bust being stubborn i guess so i decided to just get my General Studies out the way then i can go ahead and get the nursing out the way with BS degree at a four yr. its ppl wishing on my downfall too bad they will never see that happen!!!


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