Monday, October 19, 2009


Lately i have been feeling some type of way if you will.. I have been wanting a change. i think it's time to do some cleaning with "friends" i feel i need to get rid of some people who are negative and just down right needs to get the boot out of my life.. over the summer i have lost some "friends" ppl who i thought was True Friends but turned out to a "foe", and i refuse to be the fool or hold on to something that just doesn't seem to work. even so called "best friends" i'm realizing ain't my "BFF" at all. i don't even conversate with "BFF" on a everyday basis shxt we barely talk at all, dont get wrong i love her but as of recently things have been shifting and that once close bond is long gone. she only txt. me if she going through some shxt or call me if she need a baby sitter. i think the only reason we was even friends this long is because of my God baby AA but i don't even see him either but i don't see her, if i have something at my house i invite her she always comes up with an excuse but yet when something is going on with some other friend she magically finds a way to get over there lol. shxt is crazy. so i'm sort of removing my self from the equation. I realized i'm better off with friends that are guys i just click better with male friends, females are entirely too much. i have like two [REAL] friends and their males. we talk all the time, even when we are busy we make time to call, txt, hang out or whatever because at the end of the day we keep each other going. i cant say i have one Female friend that is there through it all and i can talk to all the time. thats why i rather be by myself and do my own thing. even the word "Best Friend" is so overrated to me and used entirely too much now-a-days so we def. need to abolish that ish a.s.a.p. but lately i just been in deep thought about "friends" and the dumb ish ppl been pulling lately, even ex boyfriends getting on my damn nerves, contanstly calling me and txting like obviously if i haven't responded the first 5 times what makes you think i'm going to reply to any other times and telling me to tell me stuff like thata suppose to change anything like really? let it go & let me be.. {LEAVE ME ALONE} lol. I'm just fed up with it all! i'm thinking about changing my number just to get rid of some ppl and whoever don't recieve the new number just won't get it. i need to clean out my circle of friends so i can have some space for much needed growth..


  Anonymous (October 19, 2009 at 10:32 AM)

my personal opinion is to have a few close friends. I've had my share of best friends but I wouldn't call them that because they weren't vital to my future. I'm pretty sure you'll find yourself as a woman in the near future ")

  sheiswinterwest (October 19, 2009 at 3:23 PM)

Thanks liz & thats exactly what i'm going to do i already have my lil few close friends.. & i feel you on the whole thing when you said they weren't vital to your future! [preace]!! lol I'm just making room for growth because i refuse to put up with the B.S any longer.

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