Sunday, November 20, 2011

long over due:

Hey yall!,
I haven't updated since i graduated college in may lol thats pretty bad.. But i must say I have been extremely busy with school yet again.. school is kicking my butt! but i guess being a biology major that's expected, the semester is almost over but we still have about a month left i'm just happy thanksgiving break is just about here!!! mines  will begin tuesday after lab and i'm just so ready to relax and enjoy spending time with my family and not worry about studying for a test (which i'm doing right now).. but anyways everything has been going pretty good my way, just living life and keeping myself busy with school & planning some fun things for me and my twins birthday (Dec.4th) i can't believe will be turning 23!! i feel like i just turned 21.. time def. flies by but i'm excited i plan on celebrating that whole wk.end my bday falls on a sunday and of course i have school on monday so i will probably have all my fun on friday and sat. and sunday we will probably just do dinner with some close friends and family or something. well i just wanted to do a quick  update i need to get back to studying & get ready to watch the AMA's with my sissy  pooh. hope everyone is doing well. xoxo.


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